Healing from COPD Harrison, AR April 20, 2019

We had the privilege of ministering in a healing service after a Passover seder, hosted by Jim and Charlene Phillips.  We ministered to about eight people.  Two healings were quite remarkable and memorable:  One women with a diagnosis of COPD:  After ministry, we asked her to take a deep breath, and she started crying, saying that it was the first deep breath she had been able to take i years.  We told her to keep thanking Jesus.  The second person who experienced a healing was named Pam.  She had genetic degeneration in her eyes and ears.  We prayed for her eyes and when she opened her eyes, she claimed that the black spot in the middle of her eye was gone.  She also said that she could hear better.  She said that she had forgotten her hearing aides that day, but had been told that hearing aides would not help her type of deafness.  We told her to keep thanking Jesus.

Thank you, From Wayne and Sandy Warmack